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Family Resources

Schuyler Head Start Family Resources

At Schuyler Head Start Children’s Health and Nutrition is extremely important to us!  We provide healthy, nutritious meals twice daily, as well as nutritious snacks and fun food experience opportunities, music and movement, nutrition and wellness education, as well as mental health and emotional wellness education to prepare the children for school, and the world!  Here are some helpful links for the services we provide and utilize in school.

Head Start Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Framework: An Overview for Parents

The Head Start Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Framework is a visual tool that program staff, parents, and families can use to build effective partnerships. It describes how programs, parents, families, and communities work together to promote children’s healthy development and learning, and well-being for families.

Parental Overview

Health & Safety

We ensure that all children are up-to-date with the recommended Immunizations per the CDC, American Academy of Pediatrics, and New York State Regulations, or are on a catch-up-schedule to receive all necessary immunizations prior to their next birthday.  We will work with you, their parent or guardian, and their medical provider, based on their individual needs.  All of the children in the program receive hearing and vision screenings within 30 days of attending school, as well as screenings for speech, and daily health checks to ensure their overall health and safety.  Any child that is identified as possibly needing additional services is referred immediately, and processes are put in to place to ensure that the child receives what they need to be successful.  We have multiple therapists that visit Head Start to work with the children, and ensure that they will have a bright, successful, healthy, future!

CDC Immunization Schedule


The children have daily opportunities to learn about mental health and wellness, through learning about their emotions in the classroom, meeting Captain Kindness, Captain Independence, Captain Mindfulness, and Captain Safety (The Superhero’s), doing yoga in the classroom, receiving the monthly Wellness Newsletter which is sent home with healthy recipes, fun family activities, great articles, and more.


Captain Safety

Captain Independence

Captain Kindness

Captain Mindfulness

I am Moving, I am Learning Program (IMIL)

We will be using the IMIL program at Head Start to improve overall health for everyone; staff, children, and families! The IMIL program is designed to increase physical activity, integrate nutrition education, music, and movement into the classroom, and promote healthy choices by the children in early childhood and pre-k programs.  The IMIL program includes monthly themes, music and movement activities, physical activity called MVPA (Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity Daily), Monthly Food Experiences in the Classroom where children learn to cook a healthy meal or snack and take home the recipe, a Wellness Activity! contains resources on healthy living, your child’s growth & nutrition, child development, physical activity, fitness & sports, oral health (dental), sleep, safety, emotional & mental health, and more!  Every day, we find new, interesting articles to help our kiddos and families thrive!

Mosaic Health

Twice a year, we are blessed to have Mosaic Dental Clinic visit our Center to perform Dental Screenings, Cleanings, and Fluoride Treatments for children whose parents consent to the service.  Mosaic also provides referrals to children who need further treatment.

Mosaic Health - Utica Dental

Finger Lakes Region Helpline

We provide a comprehensive information service that is designed to assist all segments of the general population. 2-1-1 HELPLINE manages a database of community resources consisting of health and human service providers, nonprofits, educational programs, support & civic groups, and local, city, and county services for a five-county area.

211 Helpline